I'm a little psychic. I may have already answered that nagging question in the back of your head. scroll down to see.
What does "DIY Printable" really mean?

simple! It means that I do all the design work, send you the digital file and you do the printing! This also means you can print your design as little or as many times as you need. This option is perfect for those unpredictable events (cough. Anything to do with a bride. cough! ) where maybe someone keeps changing the guest list....

But don't worry! I'll walk you through the printing and exactly what you should ask for when visiting your local printer.

What are your custom design rates and what does that entail?

Custom design rates are currently $30 an hour. Some designs are more in-depth and can take a good amount of time. Some designs take a few minutes. Just contact me and I can give you a pretty good idea of what your general cost will be.

design rates include the general design time that goes into your product. It entails all customization. You will not be charged for the time it takes for me to print your items, only my actual eyes-on-the-computer time.

What is your pricing for printing?

Contact me! I will send you all the print pricing information for the items you are interested in. Some items cost more to print because of size/paper weight/paper quality/folding etc. I will strive to answer all your questions long before we go to print!

Whats with all the cop stuff, bro?

I'm a huge advocate for law enforcement. Do not bother requesting anything disparaging towards law enforcement or military service members.